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ccSalon - creative commons australia event


creative commons australia (CCau) invites you to its first ccSalon, a showcase of the creative commons in australia.

the ccSalon is a public exhibition/performance/expo of how artists are using creative commons licences and material worldwide. the ccau event features creative commons licensed material by a range of australian artists, including a live audio/visual mash up including music by collapsicon and hybrid arts music ensemble collusion with music and visuals by andrew garton of toysatellite.

garton will be drawing on cc content by other australia creators including animation duo blackbrow, photographer frollop, the community convergent newsroom, a new leaf media and footage from engage media and a swag of australian flickr photographers.

The ccSalon will also and include a share your wares, a hands on space for people to experience the diversity of CC licensed content. If you're interested in including anything in that hands-on event, please get in contact with us.

The CCau ccSalon will be held from 6pm on 29 November 2006 at the Block, QUT Creative Industries Precinct, corner of Musk Ave and Kelvin Grove Rd, Kelvin Grove, Brisbane. Free entry, all welcome.

ccSalon is a public event. For further information, please contact Elliott Bledsoe or Jessica Coates or you can phone us on (07) 3138 9597.

You can also access the full program for the Salon by clicking on the attachment below.

creative block by luke roberts, licensed under a creative commons attribution-noncommercial-sharealike licence v2.0
if you too want to reuse our ad, you can find the source file at

remix contest with $100 USD prize: deadline 1 Sept

CALL FOR ARTISTS: Stay Free! a re-mix contest
Deadline: postmark deadline September 1
Award for best entry: $100 USD

Your mission is to creatively reinterpret 2 songs written by
Lennon/Ono and the Stones in the early 1970s about black activist
Angela Davis through a re-mix, cut-up, cover version, video, website,
anything goes. There are no rules except that entries should respond
to the songs and their relationship to Angela Davis and her activism.
Please go to the project website to hear the songs and
learn more. A panel of judges will rate entries for an award of $100
USD. A matching donation will be made to the Prison Activist Resource
Center in California. Entries will not be used for commercial

The contest submission deadline is 1 September 2006, postmarked.
Please go to the project website: for an entry form or
contact dancedancerevolutionary[at] for more information.

Creative Commons books

Hey, you folks may be interested in the following books:

Accelerando by Charles Stross. It's SF about a family living through a 21st century singularity. The first third of the novel is about a guy who patents idea's under an open license.

The author Cory Doctorow has a couple things, definitely check out Eastern Standard Tribe

Oh, and both of these are licensed under creative commons and available on their sites.
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GPL 3 - Web distribution clause

RMS: The GNU GPL Is Here to Stay [RMS Interview]
GPL 3 may tackle Web loophole [Summary]

This new clause will allow a new function to be added to web software, which must be maintained in all modified versions, that will send the user the source code to the web software. What this means is that if you modify software with that function in it and run it on your website, you are required to disclose all changes even if you don't distribute the software. It's a "networked GPL."
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If you wanna start a chapter....

Hey folks, it's just about that time of year again, and here at we're gearing up to help people get Free Culture groups started at their schools! Official chapters get (1) free schwag and literature, (2) a mailing list, blog, and wiki, and (3) bragging rights ;-)

If you would like to start a chapter at your school, please e-mail us at and let us know! Please include your name, school, concentration or degree program, Jabber or AIM screen name, and a telephone number. We have conference calls every Sunday, and from now until school starts we will be talking about how to start a new chapter and energize existing ones, so let us know if you want to attend!

If you just joined this community and you have no clue what we are about, you should check out the book Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig (available for free online in many formats, including an audio book!), or the flash presentation of the same name (only a half-hour long!), which is where we take our name from. Alternately, you might want to read an interview I did a while back ^_^
stars on black now using creative commons licences, an independent youth-run media portal that allows young people, Australia-wide, to publish articles on politics, media, arts, society and personal issue, officially launched creative commons licences as an option to their contributors.

the site, which uses a self-uploading page now gives contributors the option to use a drop down menu of cc licences or to use the cc licence generator when licensing their work.

Tom Dawkins, National Coordinator of VibeWire Youth Services who operate said, "Vibewire strongly believes in creating more accessible ways for young Australians to both publish and access creative content. Incorporating CC licensing into the site fits very well with this philosophy."

"By clearing indicating on the site the legal rights the author wishes to reserve and those they are happy to relinquish we are promoting the dissemination of their content and ideas, which ultimately is what we exist to do," he said.

for the media release, please click here