The Lone Penman (rayne_vandunem) wrote in freeculture,
The Lone Penman

OMG, I just concocted the most amazing idea!

A new protocol for streaming media.

I was thinking about how the subscribers to ITunes on campus (I go to Oglethorpe) usually stream, rather than download, whatever music lies within their individual libraries. Such is an aggravating problem for this school's already-shoddy bandwidth, as it means that around 40 people are latching on to multiple (hundreds, even) files from the ITunes server.

Then I was thinking about how P2P file-sharing works (particularly with eDonkey2000).

And then, all of a sudden, an epiphany, of the most shocking type, arrived.

I suddenly figured out the following:

If one doesn't want to download music or movies onto their hard drive, but still wants to view them whenever, however, whyever he or she wants....

If the ITunes server has its own internet protocol (itms)....

If radio/tv is simply a means by which someone else chooses or dictates what you listen to or watch....

If Internet radio/tv (especially on Winamp) is already lacking for servers....

Then all that one needs in order to watch what he/she wants (when he/she wants, how he/she wants) without having to DL the content onto his/her hard drive, then why don't we simply have a separate protocol?!

I call this hypothetical protocol "live://".

The server software will be open source, watching/listening to the content will be free, and people won't have to rely upon P2P file-sharing as much in order to find what they want to watch or listen to for free.

A penny for your thoughts?
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